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Meet our beautiful Diamonds


Double Grand Champion Emberlynne Carbonado

“Bon” is our first stud born here. He loves to roll on his back and have a belly rub. He enjoys going to cat shows and showing off his beautiful deep blue eyes.

 Ragburry Play ta Win  *import UK.

 "Playa" is a visiting stud and we are so very excited and thankful to have him here. He will be hopefully fathering a few girls for us to keep and add to our breeding program. He has excellent pedigree lineage, great type and lovely temperament. Stay tuned to see his future available kittens.
Thank you to Kim from Softnsweet Ragdolls and Kerry from Ragburry Ragdolls for trusting us with this beautiful boy.

Champion Echeveria Excelsior Diamond

“Exi” is our young stud boy who also loves attending cat shows. He enjoys a chat and his evening cuddles on the couch.

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