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Meet our beautiful jewels


Brodsta Blueberry Blush

“Beryl” is a sweet playful purr machine. She will appear out of blue from around a corner with a toy in her mouth and a determination to fling it high in the air only catch it and start again.

Vanitydoll Vision in Lilac

“Lila” enjoys cuddling up to her person. She ensures she greets anyone at the front door and always announces herself when entering a room.

Reverence Born to Love

Billie” is our stunning and cheeky tortie. She is always up to something funny and enjoys spying on her people and deliberately hiding when it’s bed time.


Coming Soon

Emberlynne Meibrelon

“Meible” is a stunning and majestic girl that loves to flop on the floor in true ragdoll style right in front of her peoples path. She adores attention and loves pats from the children who visit.

Coming Soon

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